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Dinner With Henry Miller.

Henry Miller, author of The Tropic Of Cancer, at dinner with Brenda Venus in 1979 discussing literature, life and food.

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Marco Polo’s Unicorn.

Towards the end of high-school, a close friend of the family suffered from a stroke that left him without the ability to read with any sustained proficiency.As such, M---- D---- gave me his collection of books that he had acquired over the years.He had majored in literature and the collection contained a good cross-section of the Western cannon – great books – from the inception of the Spanish novel through Dickens and Dostoevsky to the authors of the Latin American boom.There was much poetry, 18th century English and French verse and anthologies of Bronze Age Greeks.

I can remember sitting with M---- D---- in hospital and talking of Nietzsche, Sartre and Camus and his smile of recognition and happiness that I was taking pleasure in reading and literature. That the books were going to good use. Whilst perpetually curious and striving for understanding, up to this point I had allowed my schooling to get in the way of my education.The collection was fuel to the fire.Among my favourites…